Canadiens vs. Predators Top Six Minutes: Habs stymied by Nashville’s defensive game

The Montreal Canadiens had Bob Cole call their game tonight and Flambo made his season debut. Those were the only highlights.


  • I’ve got my tea ready to go with hopes that the Montreal Canadiens versus Nashville Predators is better than Winnipeg versus Pittsburgh last night.
  • Remember when the pre-game montage was a must watch? I miss that.
  • This game is a Bob Cole game; infinitely better game already./

First Period

  • Carey Price left yesterday’s practice early because he was feeling dizzy. He looks perfectly fine tonight. The broadcast mentioned that they were worried he was getting sick, but he felt better today. The rest of the Habs should take notes from Price. They seem a bit off during the first period.
  • Price can only do so much when the Habs are being out 10-3 and he eventually breaks after a save on a P.K. Subban bomb and then Craig Smith being Johnny on the spot with the rebound.
  • The Habs definitely picked up their play following the Preds goal, but then Mattias Ekholm’s shot went in during the last minute of play to take the air out of the place.
  • General complaint about Sportsnet: things can happen off of face-offs and I would like to see that instead of some random guy on the bench./

Second Period

  • There were a few boos when Subban carried the puck on the power play and there is nothing wrong with that. He was a great as a Hab, but he now Predator and a damn good player. It would be an insult to not boo him.
  • Price does not handle the puck much, but when he does he has been effective at it. He has been making outlet passes and allowing his team to try to advance the puck by breaking down the Preds forecheck. It is something that helps the Habs immensely.
  • This has been a quiet game offensively for the Habs, but they put together two good shifts offensively that ends in a Shea Weber goal from a snap shot. And then the Preds score right away. This is fine.
  • My solution for the Habs powerplay: sign Marie-Philip Poulin and let her loose. /

Third Period

  • The Preds only lead by two, but it feels like a billion based on how the Habs have been playing this game and now they take a penalty because this game is like that.
  • Thing that have mattered this game: Bob Cole, Flambo, Carey Price looking good.
  • Bob Cole made Michael Chaput’s last name sound like shampoo.
  • Sportsnet is showing me comebacks against the Preds from last year with Max Pacioretty and my heart now hurts. I miss that man. /

Highlight of the night

EOTP 3 Stars

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