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Top Six Minutes

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

TSM: Searching for answers

Hearing the complaints about scoring one goal, the Habs score zero goals instead.

TSM: Drouin does his part

Drouin has another great evening in Montreal’s home opener, but the Habs otherwise fall flat, losing 3-1.

TSM: Still shaking off the cobwebs

Isn’t practice supposed to be over?

TSM: Drouin Returns

The Habs didn’t win, and there were definitely some shaky moments, but Jonathan Drouin is back.

TSM: Dress rehearsal is over

On with the show.

TSM: A Primeau performance

Well, that was much better.

TSM: Josh Anderson makes pre-season fun

If we learned anything, it’s that Anderson takes pre-season seriously.

TSM: That was one helluva ride

The Habs went down swinging... and it was fun to the last minute

TSM: Let’s keep this party going

Habs weren’t ready for last call, especially that Anderson fella

TSM: Pushed to the brink

The Lightning prove too potent for the Habs on home ice.

TSM: A stronger effort goes unrewarded

Montreal played a much better game, but lack of execution comes back to haunt them.

TSM: Down, but not out

The Canadiens make too many errors in Game 1 and fall 5-1.

TSM: See you in the Final!

Twenty-eight years in the making.

TSM: Nick Suzuki says, “Good Knight”

Montreal travels home in style, after winning Game 5 in T-Mobile Arena.

TSM: Back to Vegas all tied up

The Habs lost to Vegas 2-1 in OT on Sunday night.

TSM: Powerhorse on the trot

Carey Price keeps them in the game so Josh Anderson can push it to OT before putting the nail in the coffin

TSM: Cooling the red-hot Knights

Montreal survives Vegas’s late surge and ties the series up at one.

TSM: The Casino wins big

Vegas takes control of the final 40 and claims Game 1.

TSM: Third Round Bound

The Habs sweep the Jets in dominant fashion

TSM: Three down, one to go

The Canadiens pull off a 5-1 win to get out to a 3-0 series lead.

TSM: Two for two

Carey Price shuts the door in a low-scoring affair.

TSM: Taking the first one

The Montreal Canadiens took game one with a dominating 5-3 win, but the focus is now on the health of Jake Evans.

TSM: Dream the impossible dream

Now that’s how you pull off a comeback!

TSM: Fly like an Eagle

The Habs weren’t going down without a fight and come away with another OT win.

TSM: Alive and kicking

What looked like a sure-fire win halfway in, suddenly turned into an overtime nailbiter.

TSM: Coming up empty

The Canadiens can’t muster much of an offensive attack in a 4-0 loss.

TSM: Outgunned once more

The Price was right, but it wasn’t enough to buy a win.

TSM: Heading home with a split

The series is tied heading back to Montreal.

TSM: That’s one!

Teamwork makes the dream work.

TSM: A dead rubber? Not for the kids

Caufield and Suzuki put on one last show before the playoffs get under way.

TSM: Clinched!

Lehky, Byron, and Evans, oh my!

TSM: Good effort, bad goals

An unfortunate second period saw the Habs lose the lead and keep it that way.


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