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Top Six Minutes

For our new readers and members, the Top Six Minutes is a continuation of the discussion in the game thread. We try to keep it light and entertaining. Full recaps are up the morning after every game.

TSM: There’s a new sherRaf in town

Harvey-Pinard behind everything in a very entertaining tank game.

TSM: Owned in Ottawa

The night started off promising... then the next 40 minutes happened.

TSM: We down with RHP yet?

Fun game, good long-term result!

TSM: Habs go toe-to-toe with the best team in the league

It wasn’t a win but that went way better than expected.

TSM: Rocketing past Toronto

The Canadiens get major performances from recent minor-leaguers to complete the comeback on home ice.

TSM: The no good, very bad, very dumb edition

You could charitably call this a game of hockey I suppose.

TSM: Second-period power up

Another team effort for the win (and our Barron wins the Best Barron Brother Battle)

TSM: Montembeault shines at MSG

The goaltenders took the spotlight on Sunday afternoon.

TSM: Stranded on the Island

Montreal bounced back the wrong way and lost to an Islanders team with an identity crisis.

TSM: Triple Low Five magic

A full-effort fun for the win.

Canadiens vs. Kraken Top Six Minutes: Seat down, be humble

The Habs get another hockey lesson, this time by the league’s newest franchise.

TSM: Roller-coaster ride

Montreal and St. Louis combined for nine goals at the Bell Centre.

TSM: A lifeless loss

Remember when losses were expected but at least it was entertaining?

TSM: Habs get mauled in Tennessee

The Canadiens give up another boatload of goals in the road trip’s finale.

TSM: Bring on 2023

Well, that was a less-than-ideal way to end the year.

TSM: A Bark from a Panther? Yes, indeed.

Barkov’s return is too much for Montreal to handle.

TSM: Lightning strikes

Can we have the Caufield-Suzuki-Dach line back?

TSM: An Airing of Grievances

Well, at least it’s Christmas weekend now!

TSM: A 20-minute effort

Montreal plays very well in the first but can’t maintain it in an overtime loss.

TSM: Montembeault steals two points in Arizona

It wasn’t pretty but it’s two points for the Habs!

TSM: Struck by the penalties

Quite an even game ended in a big Canadiens loss due to poor execution and an efficient opponent.

TSM: An unacceptable mess

Out of all the games the Habs played this year, this was one of them for sure.

TSM: Second-period implosion

One bad period was bookended by two good ones.

TSM: Chaos at the Bell Centre edition

Hits, fights, shootouts and more!

TSM: Habs can’t slay Kings

Probably because of those damn reverse retro jerseys.

TSM: Cracking the Kraken

Meanwhile, Shane Wright scored his first ever NHL goal, because of course he did.

TSM: Let’s never speak of this game again

It was great, it was bad, and it was even worse!

TSM: Plagued by penalties

It was an entertaining evening but those dumb penalties were a killer.

TSM: All Out Allen

Montreal played the Reverse Uno card, shooting less and scoring more, compared to Tuesday versus San Jose.

TSM: Bitten by Sharks

Shots were pretty close. As were penalties. Too bad the score wasn’t.

TSM: Dach Friday

The former Blackhawk gets the game-winning goal in the shootout.

Canadiens @ Blue Bombehh... Jackets Top Six Minutes: Breaking the curse of Columbus

Strong effort by Montembeault as Habs beat the Jackets for the first time in over three years.