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2019 Montreal Canadiens Top 25 Under 25: Recapping players #25-11

Taking a look back at how the players are chosen, who didn’t make the cut, and who’s already been accounted for.

NHL: FEB 02 Devils at Canadiens Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Can you believe that we’re in the midst of the 10th annual Eyes On The Prize Top 25 Under 25? Each year it gets more interesting as it continues to grow. This year we had a record 678 members participate!

As we get set to head into the top 10 of our 2019 Montreal Canadiens T25U25, let’s take a look at who’s already graced us with their presence.

In case you need a complete refresher, our introduction breaks down how a player is considered eligible and what you can expect from their profiles.

Before diving into the countdown, we took a look at who would not be joining us in the T25U25 this year due to either being too “old” (Charlie Lindgren) or just up and leaving us (Nikita Scherbak). We also welcomed the newbies (Nick Suzuki).

Just because they were the furthest down on the list doesn’t mean they don’t deserve recognition. These 11 players just have their work cut out for them to try to make the list next year.

Inching a little closer to actually making the Top 25, players coming in at the 35-31 range remained on the outside looking in despite their enticing skills.

It just goes to show that we’re dealing with quite the impressive prospect pool when players like Cole Fonstad, who jumped nine spots from last year, still can’t make the cut.

And the rundown of players in the official countdown, from the two who tied for 25th to the most recent reveal of the 11th-best young player.

T25U25 Players #25-11

Rating Player DOB Age Pos
Rating Player DOB Age Pos
T-25 Jordan Harris 2000-07-07 19 D
T-25 Gustav Olofsson 1997-04-06 22 D
24 Joël Teasdale 1999-03-11 20 LW
23 Rhett Pitlick 2001-02-07 18 LW
22 Otto Leskinen 1997-02-06 22 D
T-20 Joni Ikonen 1999-04-14 20 C
T-20 Jayden Struble 2001-09-08 17 D
19 Jacob Olofsson 2000-02-08 19 C
18 Michael McNiven 1997-07-09 22 G
17 Lukas Vejdemo 1996-01-25 23 C/W
16 Mattias Norlinder 2000-04-12 19 D
15 Jake Evans 1996-06-02 23 C/RW
14 Jesse Ylönen 1999-10-03 19 RW
13 Cale Fleury 1998-11-19 20 D
12 Cayden Primeau 1999-08-11 20 G
11 Josh Brook 1999-06-17 20 D

Join us as we kick off the top 10 on Monday!