Saturday Habs Headlines: Brendan Gallagher should start producing soon

Your daily links, including why Gallagher is playing better than you think, Paul Byron is a well-kept secret weapon, lots of hot hands from big names, and much more!

Montreal Canadiens News and Notes

  • It’s too early to give up on Brendan Gallagher. [RDS]
  • After being pulled and staring down the bench, Carey Price will be back in action soon. /
  • ICYMI, here’s the skate off the ice and into the dressing room for Price. [EOTP]
  • Paul Byron has been the Canadiens’ secret weapon. [Last Word On Hockey]
  • Charlie Lindgren is a beacon of hope for the Habs’ prospects. [La Presse]
  • Things are looking more like the Ottawa Senators will host the Canadiens for an outdoor game next year. [NBC Sports]
  • Martin Reway opened up a little about the illness that has kept him off the ice. [EOTP]
  • Lars Eller doesn’t stay in touch with his old teammates in Montreal./
  • Michel Therrien took responsibility for the embarrassing start on Friday night. [Twitter]/

Around the League and Elsewhere

  • Cabbie on the Street sat down with P.K. Subban to talk about Skate Past the Noise. [TSN]
  • Steve Dangle agrees with world: Crosby good at hockey. [Sportsnet]
  • Crosby’s teammates, the HBK line, met with the WWE Women’s Champ and compared belts. [WWE]/
  • The Los Angeles Kings lost their number one goalie to injury. A call to Marc Bergevin for some advice may have helped. [JdM]
  • Baby it’s cold outside, but Artemi Panarin is so hot right now. [TSN]
  • Auston Matthews is a goal-scoring machine. [La Presse]
  • Patrik Laine, meanwhile, punishes targets at an alarming pace at the Winnipeg Jets’ skills contest. [Streamable]
  • Bob Hartley is expected to be named the head coach of the Latvian national team. [JdM]
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins have recreated their favourite moments from Elf. [NHL]
  • Scott Darling’s new mask pays tribute to the Chicago Cubs. [The Score]
  • Meanwhile, both Detroit Red Wings goalies have made masks with holiday themes. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Don’t remember the California Golden Seals? It’s ok, here’s a brief history of the often forgotten defunct franchise. [Sportsnet]
  • The KHL’s Ilya Andryukhov would like to remind you that the year isn’t over, so don’t crown the save-of-the-year just yet. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Sure, sending NHL players to the Olympics gives us great hockey. But amateur players at the Olympics was fun too. [Pucks and Recreation]
  • Kelli Stack talks about her Olympics experience, and wanting to beat Team Canada. [The Players’ Tribune]/

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