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The Canadiens begin their western roadtrip tonight with the first of two back-to-back games - and western folks, who didn't get to see the Habs in the lockout-shortened season earlier this year, are pretty pleased (raises hand). And Briere still can't stop talking about how happy he is to be sporting the CH.

Max Pacioretty is going to be back in the lineup tonight for the Habs at Calgary. He's had eight days off since his wrist injury, and only missed one game. For once, the powers that make up the NHL schedule have had some thoughtful foresight, benefitting Habs fans bemoaning the wait time between games (raises hand).

The Egg Line still sucks. I mean, it rules, but we can't call it that, is what I'm saying.

In case you missed when it was posted, George Parros' wife posted a picture that will melt your heart.

Around the NHL
Things have not been good for Tim Thomas since the 39-year-old moved his family out of a bunker to rejoin the NHL with the Florida Panthers. Pullin' McGroin made an early exit from Tuesday night's game and after allowing nine goals since his return. The Flyers are not complaining; Craig Berube's winning record is 100% since being named head coach.

Patrick Roy's Colorado Avalanche have a 3-0 winning record this season thus far, snapping Toronto's winning streak, and this just in: parade plans have been moved from Toronto to Denver.

Leading up to New Jersey's much-anticipated visit to Vancouver, the Canucks' own @strombone1 was in usual fine form on Twitter and having fun with his old teammate. P.S. Those t-shirts are prohibitively expensive at Universal Studios in Florida. Which is probably where Lu picked them up.

Roberto Luongo is better than Cory Schneider. Or at least, B.C.'s Jason Garrison is. Now, the goalie controversy is over. Right?

19-year-old rookie Tomas Hertl tied a franchise record to score FOUR goals in the San Jose Sharks' NINE to TWO win over the NY Rangers last night. Also, a search on Twitter for #hertl pretty much renders gold.

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