Time to get Pumped for 2013-14 Canadiens Hockey

Brace yourselves... hockey is coming.

It's finally time ladies and gentlemen...after a long summer it's here.



When asked about the upcoming season Habs forward Ryan White had only this to say


Cleary Ryan is very very excited

But enough about that I'm here to give you the Habs faithful a post full of reasons to get pumped up and ready for yet another season of Montreal Canadiens hockey.

And there is no better place to start than last years opening ceremony after a long( completely pointless) lockout

Starting to feel a bit of excitement? Well here how about one of the most heart stopping games in recent Habs history against the Habs biggest rival?

Gone is the old Habs goal song(Goal Song by L'Oreille) and in comes "Le But" by Loco Locass...however I've included both in this video and quite frankly I prefer the old one better

While we're talking music it can't truly be a pump up thread without one of Montreals best...Annakin Slayd

Now for some personal picks of my own to help keep that hype going...yup I'm talking about fisticuffs,throwdowns, donnybrooks...it's time for some Habs hockey fights

Steve Ott makes two appearances on this list and quite frankly I almost feel bad for him...then I remember he's Steve Ott and that he could be the Captain of the Fuckalo Sabres soon

Ott is probably lucky that Cube and Prust are nice guys or he somehow may end up concussed like this next guy

Tim Gleason figured out exactly what it means when people say it's Tinner Time

Time for a little throwback and since the Habs are playing the Leafs these videos are a perfect fit

Cube beating up famed asshole Darcy Tucker*? YES YES YES

*-Worth nothing that Tucker is still being paid by the Maple Leafs right now and you should all laugh really hard at that

Tomas goes SuperPlex on the Leafs and score while down 2 men...amazing right?

How about the Great Dane making the Leafs captain look like a pylon?

And to cap it all of...How about a little bit of Koivu in all of our lives?

Now if y'all will excuse me I need to grab my Rocket Richard t-shirt and my Brian Gionta jersey and prepare myself for another exciting 82+ games of Montreal Canadiens hockey. GO HABS GO GO HABS GO

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