The way it was, the way it is and other Habs links

What a difference 50 years has made in the NHL.

Many players these days that find themselves out of the playoffs making vacation plans or signing on for celebrity golf tournaments. But in the pre-NHLPA and CBA days things were a lot different. Dave Stubbs of the Montreal Gazette looks at the '61 Montreal Canadiens and how they spent their summer.

Of course the Habs were not the only ones in the NHL who found themselves doing different jobs in the off-season. Prior to his success in the coffee and donuts business, Toronto Maple Leafs legend Tim Horton tried it first with a burger joint. When that failed, he found himself working for Leafs boss Conn Smythe's construction company to help pay off the debts.

You have to wonder how the NHL was with respect to fans showing there loyalties back in the day as well. In 2011, if  you post  a cartoon drawing depicting your favorite team, you could be subject to a fine. Such was the case with this Montreal restaurant owner. More on the story via the Canadian Press.

On one hand you have to side with the NHL and it's franchises for protecting their copyrights and trademarks. But it seems rather ridiculous to flat out demand $89,000 and not just ask the owner to remove his sign instead.

James Wisniewski gets some media attention from both the Habs official site and The Fourth Period, who feel the defenseman should be a priority for the Canadiens in the off-season.

The Wiz ranks number three in the Habs top priorities, according to Too Many Men on the Site.

A tribute to former Montreal sportswriter Glenn Cole, who died Friday.

Dave Stubbs looks back on Pierre Boivin's run as Habs president.

CJAD talked to former Canadiens forward Lucien DeBlois, who is hopeful of an NHL return to Winnipeg. DeBlois' best personal success came with the Winnipeg Jets, where he scored 79 points in the 83-84 season. He was traded to the Habs before the following season, and was part of the '86 Stanley Cup-winning team. He also battled the Habs in the '79 final as a member of the New York Rangers.

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