The Warmup - Will Subban face disciplinary action?

The NHL disciplinary committee is anything but consistent, but could Subban's actions cost the team?

After taking a foolish penalty in the third period while tangling with Pittsburgh Penguins' forward Brenden Morrow, P.K. Subban was sitting in the penalty box while Morrow chirped nonstop.

After a few seconds of this, Subban appeared to make a lewd gesture at Morrow, perhaps telling him what he thinks his words were worth. The trouble is, that gesture was caught on camera.

In the past, the NHL has been inconsistent on lewd gestures:

James Wisniewski was suspended for two games for miming oral sex while he was playing with the New York Islanders in October of 2010.

Sean Avery was given a two game suspension for giving the middle finger to a cameraman during a practice while with the New York Rangers.

And Andrew Ference was given nothing for giving the middle finger to the Montreal crowd in the playoffs in 2011 (cue Bruins fans posting that gif).

Judging by the way these 3 separate incidents were dealt with, I have some advice for Subban if the league gives him a call: lie.

Lie your damn ass off. Ference was given a pass because he claimed his glove got stuck, so say you were scratching your chest or something like that. Lie, P.K., lie.

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