The Pea Soup (for now)

The first daily link gathering arena.

Hello and good afternoon fellow Habs fan. I'm glad to be part of the growing family at Eyes on the Prize and hopefully I will have this daily link post up everyday depending on my how im handling my raging alcoholism. It's gotten better since the Habs started winning this year so cheers to that. If anyone has a problem with the title let me know fast, it was suggested on the welcome to the team page and I thought it was funny. soooo yeah, I guess that's it! On to the real links!

So big news last night, we shipped out "locker room cancer" Erik Cole [RDS] to the Dallas Stars for Michael Ryder. Some sectors of the media is really starting to feel like Fox News to me it's kind of scary no?

Here's one guy we can point and laugh at to make ourselves feel better. Jay Bowmeester has set a new NHL record [Puck Daddy].

Next up someone to be angry at gets due justice. In some corners they call this JUSTICE PORN(SFW) [CBC].

In other news, the Chicago Blackhawks continued their streak on Monday night and are really not close to the next at all [SB Nation].

Ex Hamilton Bulldogs goaltender Curtis Sanford makes 80 freakin' saves [CBC] in a playoff loss in the KHL. Sadly this isn't the only story about a goalie getting shot at way too much. Coming to you all the way from the hockey hotbed of Turkmenistan [Puck Daddy].

Tis' the season of mock drafts apparently, has a trio of them on their frontpage. Here's another interesting one. [The Hockey Writers]

Apparently no one in the habs dressing room cares about our favorite snapping turtle.[GlobeandMail]

Well that's it for today got a lot of napping to do before the Montreal Canadiens take on the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight if you didn't know that was happening go on over here, Canadiens vs Maple Leafs coverage. [SB Nation]

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