The Great Fighting Debate (and other links)

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In light of things like Craig MacTavish chasing goons to the ends of the earth and (especially) George Parros' scary injury in a fight with Colton Orr on opening night, people from across the hockey media are weighing in on fighting's role in the NHL. There's simply too much stuff here to succinctly summarize all the opinions and valid points in a single introductory paragraph. I'll present you with the goods and you can weigh things as you see fit. However, I would like to call particular attention to Canucks Army's Graphic Comments and his point that if the league and players can embrace hybrid icing, a rule that removes an exciting, entrenched element from the game in favour of safety, then perhaps banning fighting is not so inconceivable.

With that stuff out of the way, here are your links for the day.

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