The Game That Should Have Been: Sens @ Habs

We should be watching the Senators visit the Habs tonight, but it's not going to happen.

It's possible that everyone is trying to forget, but we were supposed to have our first Montreal Canadiens game of the season today.

That's right, the Ottawa Senators were supposed to be hanging out in Montreal right now, maybe having an afternoon practice, before taking on our team at the Bell Centre.

Preseason is never the greatest hockey, but it would be the first chance for most of us to see our favourite players don the jersey and play the game we all love. It would be our first chance to see Carey Price after his concussion last year and his new contract this summer. Our first chance to see which young prospects were going to push for roster spots.

To tell you the honest truth, now that it's here, and games are officially being missed, it has me pretty depressed.

Just think, by 9PM tonight we'll have missed the typical "Carey Price sucks because he let in 4 goals in preseason!" rage.

You know things have gone poorly when you're actively missing a game against the Senators.

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