The EOTP Montreal meetup - Picking a date

On Thursday we <a href="">announced that EOTP would be holding it&#39;s first ever meetup</a>, and we narrowed down the month. Now it&#39;s time to find the date.

So with the help of comments and some private emails, we've narrowed down the month of the meetup to March. What's next is for us to choose which weekend in March we're going to hold this thing on.

The Montreal Canadiens play every Saturday in March, but one is on the west coast and one is March 1st, so for now we'll ignore those ones.

We're looking at a game against Ottawa (home game) on March 15th, a game against Toronto (away game) on March 22nd, or a game against Florida (away game) on the 29th.

What I'm hoping for you all to do is just say in the comments whether one date is preferable over the others, and if there are dates you personally can not make. Like before, the needs of out of towners will be given priority.

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