The Daily Links - October 19 2010

• Some critical words for PK, none of which I have issue with.

• Apron Basu with more Spezza/Martin and the concept of development versus winning.

• How relevant/accurate is a ranking system that has the Leafs at number 6?

• The real story of the 2010 season so far. Ignore the Price storyline, this team will live and die with it's 5 on 5 play. Championship contenders are solid at even strength and strong 5 on 5 results make the goaltender look better than he is.

• LOL. Brodeur complaining about the Devils lack of defense. Selling out the defense that put him in the Hall of Fame, bad form Marty. Sounds very similar to 2009 sensation Scott Clemmensen's rant in Florida last season.

Canadiens Children's Foundation: Announced funding for a new rink in Hayward Park (LaSalle). It's the fourth outdoor rink project that the foundation has been involved with.

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