The Big Day Has Finally Arrived!


In about two hours, I'll be making the drive to Montreal for what I'm sure will be a memorable, and hopefully eventful, day. I should be inside the Bell Centre a good three hours before the draft begins, getting a sense for the evening and perhaps making a few connections along the way.

I have to say, I've been incredibly nervous about the whole affair. I'm excited, but I'm far from experienced in regards to what I will be doing tonight.

I was hoping to post live updates from the draft floor here at the site, but unforetunately, the content that I will be gathering will have to come after the evening's close.

I've never owned a laptop, as I never had use for one prior to today. Three days ago, while looking to purchase one, I was chatting with my good friend Ian Cobb when the subject came up. Long story short - Ian and his wife Andree gave me theirs. I was quite stunned and lost for words. They are good people, and that was an incredibly kind gesture.

I received a Toshiba Satelitte laptop by Purolator yesterday morning and hoped to become quickly accustomed to it. It's in great shape for an old little relic of a machine, but it needs some reconfiguration before it can become useful to me. I'll have install a WiFi, perhaps upgrade it to XP. For now, as it had been used previously by a financial institution, it is loaded with all kinds of security blocks that prevent logging into this site for posting and logging on to MSN.

Perhaps another SBN blogger will allow me to use their for a few moments, but as everyone is likely to be busy straight through, I shouldn't expect it.

So, I'll essentially be flying by the seat of my pants, with an audio recorder, my camera (if I'm allowed to use it) a notebook, and a decent but aging memory.

In the coming days, hopefully I will have some audio interviews and transcriptions from a Habs draftee or two, and maybe even some dealings with Canadiens personel. When it's all in the books, I'll be detailing what the whole experience was like from my perspection. Readers may get a different perspective of all that goes down on draft day as viewed from the floor.

There will be seven other SBN writers on site, including PPP from Pension Plan Puppets (Toronto), Frank D of Pensburgh, Brandon Worley of Defending Big D (Dallas), Travis Hughes from Broad Street Hockey (Philly), Dave from Die By The Blade (Buffalo), Jim from Blueshirt Banter (Rangers) and Matt fromBird Watchers Anonymous (Atanta). Check their sites often, as they will be posting updates frequently throughout the day.

Commenters have free reign today. If there's any updates, news or stories, feel free to link 'em up here in the section below.

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