Teaming up with Bruins fans with trees for goals

One of the best things about SB Nation is the rivalries and cooperation between fanbases. This time we're cooperating.

As you may have heard a couple of days ago now, Sarah Connors, managing editor of Stanley Cup of Chowder came up with a great idea. Using Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference's environmentalism as inspiration, she pledged to plant 50 trees for ever goal Ference scored through

Ference responded by saying he would do the same, only for Tyler Seguin's goals instead.

The way Plant a Billion works is one dollar plants one tree. I jokingly said in the comments that EOTP should donate 50 trees for every time the Bruins take an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but that may a bit too rich for me considering the way the Bruins constantly ignore the rules. I would likely be out a couple grand by year's end.

So we need to figure out what we should use as a donation scheme. Considering SCOC is donating for Ference goals, perhaps someone like Alexei Emelin or Raphael Diaz would be appropriate to hitch our horse to.

What is certain though, is that this is one of those times we can take advantage of our rivalry to do something good.

Bruins fans have been gung ho to do this, and there's no reason we can't do the same. Bruins fans have been recording their pledges here, so let's do the same on this thread.

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