Team Canada's jerseys for Sochi - Almost as ugly as America's

We made fun of America for their godawful jerseys made by Nike, but we knew the other shoe would drop eventually.

A white stripe on just one sleeve. Mostly just a flipped vertical Canadian flag, again with the fake laces and no collar.

It looks cheap, it looks lazy, it looks uninspired: Your 2014 Sochi Olympics jersey for Team Canada!

The only redeemable thing about this jersey is that there's no bath mat stickers on the shoulders, and the logo on the jersey isn't a road sign from a truck stop on the I-95. That's not high praise.

Edit: There is shiny stuff on the shoulders... Not as bad as the stars on the American one, but wow that's awful. Were you high, Nike?

Safe to say I won't be buying one of these things, and I kinda hope no one does so Nike isn't brought back next time.

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