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This is the way the playoffs end

Montreal may not have finished the run, but it sets them up well for the future.

Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be

As the story went on, it felt like it was going to go their way but someone has to lose the Final.

No matter how hopeless, no matter how far

The Canadiens have an improbable road to victory, but goaltending like they got in Game 4 makes it seem a bit more likely.

A Canadiens comeback would be absurd, but it needed to start somewhere

The team’s playoff run has already been surreal. Why not one more crazy turn?

Josh Anderson’s go-to move helped keep the Canadiens alive

He may be a one-trick Powerhorse, but it’s a skill that’s proving tough to contain.

The Canadiens are trying to stay alive, one game at a time

Avoiding a sweep and getting back to Tampa is the first step.

Failure is not fatal

The Canadiens have found themselves on the ropes. Can they pull themselves back into the fight?

For the Canadiens, the path back to glory is one game at a time

If Montreal wins Game 3, they’re right back in the series.

The Montreal Canadiens can get back into the series by trusting the process

They would win a lot more games than they would lose if they played like they did in Game 2.

Vasilevskiy was the difference in a game the Habs deserved to win

The Canadiens played very well, but the opposing netminder allowed them just a single goal.

Adjustments, not Game 1, will decide where the series goes from here

Monday wasn’t pretty, but it only counts as one loss.

The Canadiens missed Joel Armia’s puck management in Game 1

The Finnish winger brings puck skills and leadership on the ice.

There was supposed to be a ‘kaboom’

The Canadiens quickly learned that they’re in a very different series versus the Tampa Bay Lightning.

‘Don’t take it for granted’: The past Cup champions are leading the urgency for the Canadiens

Although they have won the trophy before, the veterans on the team are the proof of how hard it is to get to this point.

The Canadiens have turned pressure into confidence

When the going got tough, the Habs got going.

Carey Price’s determination and belief paved the way for a historic run

You may believe in ghosts, but more importantly they need to believe in themselves.

I guess the North wasn’t so bad after all

The team from what most dubbed the worst division is the first to make it to the final round.

The Montreal Canadiens’ unsung heroes get a deserved moment of glory

The team’s shutdown line finished the job against Vegas.

The Montreal Canadiens should channel a different type of desperation in Game 6

Their backs aren’t against the wall but Montreal has everything to play for.

Luke Richardson is making headlines for all the right reasons

The interim-interim coach is providing a calming influence in rough waters.

The kids put their skills on full display in Game 5

Speed, deception, release, oh my!

Eric Staal’s style of play ain’t pretty, but it works

The veteran is finding his ways to contribute to the Canadiens’ success this post-season.

The Montreal Canadiens are not proof the regular season is meaningless

The playoff version of the Canadiens didn’t come out of nowhere.

Officiating remains a joke in the Canadiens vs. Golden Knights series

Chris Lee should never be allowed to officiate a Montreal Canadiens game again.

The Montreal Canadiens need to take the right lessons from Game 4

A win would have been nice, but the series isn’t over.

To fear the worst oft curses the worse

The Canadiens’ play dropped just slightly as Game 4 approached its end, and that was enough to prevent them from securing the win.

The Canadiens are creating their own magic

The Canadiens may have been escape artists in Game 3, but there were many hands involved in executing the final trick.

The officiating somehow got worse for the Canadiens in Game 3

Perhaps some of the worst officiating ever seen, and this time without even the poor excuse of game management.

On a night defined by goalie errors, Price came up big at the key moments

The Golden Knights should have won Game 3, but Price (and Marc-Andre Fleury) said ‘no.’

Carey Price just had his 2010 Jaroslav Halak moment

Price pulled off one of his best heists in Game 3.

Habs won Game 2 in spite of one-sided officiating

"Game management" at it’s finest luckily couldn’t stop the Canadiens on Wednesday night.

The series is a brand new one

Montreal heads back home with a split series.


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