Sunday Links: Um What Edition

A collection of Habs and hockey links you may have missed over this past week.

It's late and I just got home so let's go straight to links and try to figure what all this class action business is.

  • First, a copy of the class action complaint itself. It's long, but pretty entertaining. No really. There are even tweets from the players in it. The NHL's lawyerpeople thought to add "[sic]" to some of them. [Sportsnet]
  • Next, the NHLPA's statement on the complaint. I picked the link. Don't know why. []
  • Then, the news story on the whole mess. [TSN]
  • Finally, mc79hockey on CBA conspiracies, and how long this may have been in the works. I found this pretty interesting. [mc79hockey]
  • Moving on from that, Meg from Battle of California waded into some Puck Daddy comments so that you don't have to, because you really, really, really don't want to and here's why: [BoC]
  • EOTP's favourite news source talks to prospect Mark MacMillan. [Grand Forks Herald]
  • P.K. Subban makes a promise he can't keep (on Marek vs Wyshynski, a podcast you should already be listening to): that there will be a season. [PHT]
  • Cam Charron has some thoughts. On Analytics and Arenas. Read those thoughts. [Backhand Shelf]

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