Sunday Links: Olympic Dreams Edition

A collection of Habs and hockey links from the past week that you may have missed, or, in one case, that we really wanted to share with you.

I mean literal Olympic dreams. I took a three-hour nap yesterday and I don't know whether it was the sinus infection, the fever, or the meds, but I had a dream about the Olympics. Canada beat Russia for the gold, and it was all the players from 2010, but the weird thing was they kept calling Russia the Soviet Union. I'm pretty sure watching Miracle three times in the last nine days had nothing to do with this.


  • Our favourite link this week has to do with Former Blogger PPP. He went out for drinks with people in Toronto and some of them got a hold of his phone and guessed his password. It was 1967. [Twitter]
  • Staying in Toronto for a second, one of our favourite sports writers, Sean Fitzgerald of the National Post, does a bit on Brian Burke's charity work. As Habs fans, we trash Burke a lot and get a lot of joy out of the Maple Leafs' awfulness, but I've always respected the man for his charity efforts. [National Post]
  • Meanwhile, here in Montreal, some locked-out Canadiens and other NHLers visited some sick children in a visit they decided to organize themselves. [CBC] [La Presse] [Ottawa Citizen]
  • This is a regular thing, as Andrew points out: your current edition of the Hamilton Bulldogs To Laval rumours. Molson's building an arena in Laval, and that arena can house a team, and the Canadiens-Bulldogs affiliation is up for renewal very soon, and... [Hamilton Spectator]
  • The very brilliant and extremely tall Ken Dryden on the lockout and following the pride. [Globe and Mail]
  • A Jarred Tinordi interview, in which he talks about life as an AHLer to a radio station in his former OHL city. [106.9]
  • The Grand Forks Herald finds its way into a links post on a Montreal Canadiens blog for the second time in like two weeks, this time for a Danny Kristo interview. Let's just go ahead and start arbitrarily calling the Grand Forks Herald our favourite news source. Kristo talks about staying in college and also being BFFs with T.J. Oshie. [GFH]
  • This is fun, from The Score: Bill Daly's CBA-killing voice message to Steve Fehr. [BHS]
  • Here is part of a fancy stats retrospective on the 2008 Flyers-Habs series, focusing on shot distance. The Flyers are my dirty mistress, but it turns out I'm still really bitter about that series. [A Winning Habit]

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