Sunday Links: Moratoria Edition

Some hockey-related and Canadiens-related reads you may have missed from this week.

It's hard to keep track of whether there's a suggested moratorium on talks between the NHL or NHLPA or an actual moratorium or a moratorium on said moratorium or where were we and what were we talking about again?

The latest appears to be, per this Globe and Mail story, that the two sides will be meeting on Monday.

Anyway, we do Sunday links now so you guys can catch up on a few Habs- or hockey-related reads you may have missed from the week instead of going out and doing productive things, because really, it's Sunday, get a coffee and some bacon and get reading. Sadly this week we seem to be a little heavy on hockey and light on the Habs:

Editor's note: Seriously, bacon is awesome -Andrew

  • Here's the always excellent Jonathan Willis on why the league keeps pushing for more in the CBA negotiations: [Cult of Hockey]
  • Guy goes to hockey card expo. Guy writes about his finds. Piece is awesome and nerdy and wonderful and worth it. Read it: [1967ers]
  • Eric T asks if older players really do get worn out faster. [NHL Numbers]
  • Cam Charron makes the argument for more information at the earlier levels of hockey: [The Score]
  • Lockout reading sucks. It really does. That said, you should really read this piece by Nick Cotsonika on gamesmanship in these negotiations. It's thoughtful, balanced, and highlights how things suck in a way that won't make you want to punch things: [Yahoo!]
  • James Mirtle makes the case for optimism: [Globe and Mail]
  • Our very own Tomas Kaberle may or may not be towing the party line here, but it's kind of hard to figure out what he's doing. Which reminds me of him on the Habs blueline: [PHT]
  • Ben Wendorf follows up last week's post on puck hogs, ironically he's hogging the links page [NHL Numbers]
  • The brilliant Bruce Arthur on the amazing HHOF inductee Pavel Bure: [National Post]
  • HHOF inductee Joe Sakic's 19 greatest accomplishments according to [Mile High Hockey]
  • Former blogger PPP uses a picture of that time the Leafs embarrassed Sundin by getting their asses handed to them by the Habs to promote HHOF inductee Mats Sundin's 13 greatest moments [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Also some goings-on happened, wherein a report suggested Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider may be changing his views on the NHL lockout []...
  • ... and then Ed Snider fired back [Sporting News]. Interesting.
  • Ellen Etchingham with a treatise on giving up (or rather, not giving up) [BHS]
  • Scott Reynolds uses goal differential to become a clairvoyant or something. [NHL Numbers]
  • Reynolds also writes about bargain basement players. [NHL Numbers]
  • Carey Price is helping auction off goalie masks for charity. [Hockey Helps]
  • Finally, we're plugging ourselves, because we want to send you a free Montreal Canadiens t-shirt: [EOTP Contest!]

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