Sunday Links: Memo To Some Other Fanbases Edition

Here are some Canadiens and hockey reads you may have missed this week, but first, I have some words for some non-Habs fans.

Hi, other fanbases. Not all other fanbases. Some other fanbases. Not all people in said fanbases. Some people in said fanbases. You know who you are. We gotta talk a little. Exchange a few words.

Please stop coveting P.K. Subban. He is not yours. As of now, the Canadiens still hold his rights, and once this koivuforsaken lockout is over, they will be coming to some sort of employment contract terms with him. And he will still not be yours.

Now, I know we're talking about the players de-certifying. If that happens and, you know, five years from now once all the antitrust lawsuits and other details are worked out and there's a National Hockey League again, some owners will be able to throw a bunch of money at him. In that case, yes, it may be possible for P.K. Subban to be yours.

However, right now, he is not yours. He belongs in Montreal. I liked it much better when everybody complained about him and some people didn't follow that complaint up with "but I would love him on the [team]." I know not all of you covet P.K. Subban. But some of you do. So I just wanted to let you know, if you'd like, I'd be happy to send you this Subban Bleacher Creature. But that's all you can have.

Thank you for understanding.

Now on to links.

  • Speaking of Subban, Dave Stubbs caught up with him. He's a rockstar now, apparently, and isn't worried about getting a contract done once the lockout is over. The best thing about that link is the picture, in which P.K. has his arm around Princess Charlene of Monaco. Really. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Also speaking of Subban, our friend, the lovely and talented Cornelius Hardenbergh of Stanley Cup of Chowder was selling blog posts in exchange for Movember donations. New Tyrannical Overlord Andrew Berkshire made him write a post on how P.K. Subban is the next Bobby Orr. You probably didn't miss it, but I'm linking it again because, well, because. [SCoC]
  • Earlier this week, there was a lot of chatter when Forbes released their NHL team valuations. They valued the Toronto Maple Leafs at $1-billion, which of course unleashed a torrent of unoriginal Twitter jokes about them sucking. Anyway, mc79hockey tells us why we shouldn't be taking the Forbes numbers too seriously. [Part 1, Part 2]
  • Marc Bergevin is currently unable to really generally manage the Montreal Canadiens, so he's keeping an eye on the Hamilton Bulldogs. I wanted to use the term 'micro-manage' in that sentence, but I just couldn't make it work. Pretend I did and it worked. [Canadiens]
  • Only the lovely and talented Cam Charron could come up with something like this. Lockout Theatre; NHL Shakespeare. [BHS]
  • This link is only about hockey in the sense that Jay Baruchel is an awesome hockey fan who made an awesome hockey movie, but he's a Canadiens fan like we are and he's a good friend of this blog as well, so we might as well keep up on what he's up to. He's going to be on Canada Reads! [Montreal Gazette]
  • Here is a video of Alex Galchenyuk being, you know, awesome. [OHL]
  • And here is current object of EOTP's media affection, Marc Antoine Godin, on Alex Galchenyuk. Just FYI, the article is in French. I am so excited for Galchenyuk to make the NHL. You are too. [La Presse]

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