Report: Montreal possibly interested in Steve Ott, and would be a huge mistake

Marc Bergevin should say no to Steve Ott

The NHL trade deadline is tomorrow, and with that comes a bunch of speculation.

One such suggestion implies that Marc Bergevin and the Montreal Canadiens may be interested in Steve Ott, who was held out of the Detroit Red Wings’ lineup on Tuesday night.

First, Steve Ott doesn’t belong anywhere near such a hallowed franchise as the Montreal Canadiens. Second, say what you will about Marc Bergevin’s trades up until now, there’s no way the Habs General Manager would seriously consider acquiring a 34-year-old who doesn’t score, doesn’t get assists, doesn’t generate shots and doesn’t play effective defence.

Steve Ott serves no purpose to the Canadiens right now. Montreal just traded away David Desharnais, who has much more to offer the game of hockey than Ott does.

Note that the rumour says Montreal could be interested, not that it is for sure. It must be repeated often that the Canadiens’ organization as a whole does not leak actual rumours, and have not since the hiring of Marc Bergevin.

The Jordie Benn trade took everyone by surprise, though it was widely accepted that Greg Pateryn was on the block. David Desharnais’ name was not on the lips of any pundits as a player likely to move. This gossip sounds exactly like that - gossip.

I’ve already said it once and I’ll say it one more time so that we’re all clear: Steve Ott is no longer an NHL calibre player and the Habs should stay away from acquiring him.

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