Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 Thread - Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins

The series is down to a best of three, with two games in Chicago. Everything up to now basically no longer matters.

Three of four games in this series, the Chicago Blackhawks have dominated the Boston Bruins, but ended up in overtime. Three of four of those games, Marian Hossa played. It's not that surprising that they're the same three games, as Hossa is a huge piece of what makes the Blackhawks great.

Unfortunately though, even with dominating most of the series, the results have been even. Boston's defensive system and the stellar play of Tuukka Rask have been their saving grace, while the Hawks have received solid but not game breaking work from Corey Crawford.

A bunch of media guys are likely tweeting that the team to win game 5 wins __% of Stanley Cup Finals, and it doesn't matter, the games have to be played. Hopefully the Blackhawks win though.

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