Wedding bells for Plekanec and your Saturday Habs links

Well this is the first chance I have had to formally congratulate the Boston Bruins on winning the Stanley Cup. OK where's the Pepto Bismol?

The Bruins were clearly the more deserving team, if you can really call them that, given the lack-lustre performance by the Vancouver Canucks. It would have been nice for the west coast boys to have pulled it off, and given the Bruins the dubious distinction of being the first team to outscore their opponent in the Finals, and still lose the series. Oh well, didn't happen.

As the Cup was being presented, I was envisioning Zdeno Chara "accidentally" hoisting NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman over his head. Again, it didn't happen.

The aftermath and rioting was totally disgraceful and shouldn't be pinned on fans disgruntled over the end result, because it was not. The Canucks could have won 8-0 and anarchists would have done just the same. Of course our Bruins supporting fellows at Stanley Cup of Chowder are again ignorantly seeing otherwise and paralleled those in BC to the "Habs fans" rioting in Montreal last year.

Maybe they should read this piece on how the '93 riot began, after the Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup win, and they would have a better understanding of how these riots evolve, rather than relying on the media's immediate interpretations.

But in the meantime Chara and co. will parade Lord Stanley's mug through the streets of Boston Saturday afternoon, while Mark Recchi prepares for his medical career.

For those of us here who will not be tuning in, here's a few Habs links to peruse. At least one Habs player got a ring this spring. Congratulations to Tomas Plekanec and Lucie Vondrackova who tied the knot Friday.

Plekanec reportedley proposed to Vondrackova, a popular singer and actress in the Czech Republic, during dinner in Montreal. It is also reported that the couple is already expecting. To give you an idea, this wedding is hitting the Czech tabloids like the Royal Wedding or the Beckhams did.


Economics could play a role in the next Stanley Cup in Canada

Well while the Bruins, for some reason, signed Jack Edwards to a new extension, RDS has reassigned Benoit Brunet from out of the broadcast booth.

And much like Jack Edwards, who won't go away, the talk of Jaromir Jagr coming to Montreal has resurfaced for the second time since the Montreal Canadiens were ousted from the playoffs. Kyle Roussel says no, again.

HabsWorld looks at some options for the Habs at this year's NHL Entry Draft, including our mock pick Mark Scheifele.

Serge Savard is seeking a different kind of Cup . Savard was an avid fan of the ponies dating back to his playing days. Sometimes it got him into a bit of trouble.

CJAD's The Habs Show wraps it up for the season this Saturday (5-7pm). I'm be joining host Barry Morgan for the panel section at 6pm to talk Stanley Cup Finals and what to expect from the Canadiens in the off-season?

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