So It Begins (and other links)

Your collection of fine links for the afternoon.

I'll defer to Josh Gorges for the introduction:

"We want to play. It's been a long couple of days, we've talked about everything there is to talk about, you guys have got all your stories that you need to get, now it's about the battle on the ice and playing in the fun time of year,"

Perhaps my excitement is having an adverse effect on my attention span, but I'm tired of waiting for and linking to game one-related content. Today's links will reflect these feelings of anxiousness in their brevity, but there's still some great stuff to check out. I hope you enjoy them. I also hope you come by later today and hang out with our zany cast of characters in the game thread. The thread will open at 6:00 ET, CBC's pregame coverage (which is pretty awful, but there should be a Habs-Sens montage) starts at 6:30 ET, and puck drop is set for 7:00 ET. Come cheer, curse, and lament P.K.'s 4 v 5 ice time!

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