Should Gainey Call, Roy Is All Ears


From Corus Sports / CKAC, earlier this week

If Bob Gainey were hesitant to call Patrick Roy in regards to the Canadiens coaching position, he can now be assured that the call won't be left unresponded to on Roy's answering machine.

In that event, if Gainey does leave a message, he can certain of a call back.

A few weeks ago, Roy, for the first time, became open to the possibility of coaching in the NHL, stating that he "would listen if any of the 30 NHL teams called."

Earlier this week, Roy stted that he would welcome a call from Gainey.

"If the Canadiens call me, I will surely listen", Roy told radio station CKAC in an exclusive interview. "I would be very flattered to receive a call from the Canadiens organization."

However, one after another, the Canadiens brass have clearly indicated that any successor to Guy Carbonneau behind the team's bench should come with a proven track record. One, not unlike Roy a player.

"I agree with their pholiophy, and from my point of view, I have no expectations. I'm happy with what I am doing", said Roy. "It's certain that it will be an interesting challenge for any head coach."

As though Roy already knows he's not in the running, he offered up a pair of names just for fun.

"Myself, I think that Bob Hartley could do a real good job. He possesses a good track record, he's dedicated, an excellent teacher, and hockey is his passion. He's probably the person in my time, that I've come across who understands the game best."

"Hartley would be ideal for the Canadiens, but the dream candidate would be Jacques Lemaire."

Still, a call to Quebec City from Gainey would be good...

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