Video: Predators pay tribute to Shea Weber

The Habs’ defender was visibly touched by the display of respect by his former team

Say what you will about P.K. Subban, and what he did for the city of Montreal, Shea Weber had his own impact on the city of Nashville. And the Predators decided to show him some respect during the first TV timeout of the night.

Of course, the trade that saw the swap of the two defenders is still a touchy subject for many fans. However, it’s definitely a classy move of Nashville to honour their most important player in franchise history.

Now he does his work on the ice for the Canadiens, and so far this season they’ve enjoyed solid production out of him on the blueline.

Weber was clearly fighting back tears while watching the video, and my only hope is that the Canadiens will do something similar, and honour Subban when he comes to Montreal in March.

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