Shea Weber dons a Canadiens jersey for the first time

Shea Weber has arrived in Montreal, and with that arrival comes our first look at him in the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.

Shea Weber's presence in the city of Montreal, or lack thereof, has been somewhat of a contrived hot button issue for pundits in the city for some time. Well, he has arrived in town for Michel Therrien's golf tournament, and what's more is he has taken the opportunity to be seen in a Canadiens jersey

Perhaps this will appease those pundits who have taken issue with his absence.

As hotly debated as the circumstances surrounding his becoming a member of the Canadiens has been, it feels very official now that we have actually seen him put the sweater on. Of course, all eyes will be fixed squarely on him when he does so for the first time in a game situation.

In any case, now we know what he looks like in the CH, and I for one think he looks pretty good! Welcome to Montreal, Shea. I hope you score many goals.

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