Selling our souls for a good cause – get us to say what you want for charity

Make me or Andrew write whatever you want and help raise money to fight cancer. For example, you can make us say Carey Price is not perfect.

As you may have heard, because I keep telling you about it, I’m training to run a half-marathon in June to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada as part of Team In Training.

Part of this whole thing is raising money to benefit the LLSC, and my goal is around $4,000, but I want to beat that and then leave it in the dust. Here’s a link to my donation page. As you can see, I still have a ways to go.

So I’m stealing an idea from our good friend Cornelius, aka HBAdventure, of rival blog Stanley Cup of Chowder, and I’m going to write blog posts in exchange for a $25 donation each. Andrew Berkshire has also graciously offered to write blog posts for donations as well, to help me get to that goal.

Here’s how it works. Donate $25 here and then send me an email (it's my username at gmail) to let me know you donated and what you want me or Andrew (your choice) to write.

Those of you who have gotten into internet arguments with Berkshire might really want to get in on this. I’ll bet he’s really pissed you off, and now you can get your revenge.

There are two exceptions.

  1. We will not cut Saku Koivu up, although Cornelius is trying to come up with a topic that isn’t cutting Saku up but will still hurt my soul to write. And also get $500 in donations together to make me do it. Bruins fans might want to see him about it.
  2. I will not say anything negative about Jonathan Toews... unless you donate $500. If a group of Canucks fans wants me to write an untrue essay about how some second-rate Vancouver Canuck they overrate is better than Jonathan Toews in any way, then I’m happy to do it if they donate $500.

Editor's note: I have one more caveat. I will not write about Zdeno Chara's hit on Max Pacioretty not being dirty. I will not write about him not being a douche bag. Not even for $500. Sorry. -Andrew

So, you know. We will not cut up Saku or Toews.

Some quick things:

  • The run is on June 2nd, so any donations made between now and the end of May count.
  • Neither myself nor Andrew get any of the money, it all goes to charity, specifically to fight blood cancers.
  • We’re hockey bloggers who like #fancystats, and we’re Habs fans. Make it hurt.

Cancer sucks. Help raise money to fight blood cancers. In exchange, you get a little piece of my soul or Andrew’s soul.

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