See Ya Later Igloo, Habs Advance With 5-2 Win

Having eliminated the regular season champions and now the Stanley Cup champions, how far can these Montreal Canadiens go?

The inthinkable is unfolding before our eyes, and the Canadiens will now face either the Bruins or the Flyers (we'll know soon enough).

Backed again by a stellar performance from Jaroslav Halak, with goals by Brian Gionta, Dominic Moore, Mike Camalleri and Travis Moen, the Habs built a 4-0 lead and hung on for read life as the Penguins cut the lead to 4-2 with a pair of second period goals

It's hard to type with trembling hands, so more will come in the next few hours...

Props to Hooks Orpik at Pensburgh for his take as the series wraps.

The Pittsburgh Penguins didn't lose this series, the Montreal Canadiens won it.

It's not the ending the Igloo deserved, but it's what it got.

I'll second that - great, great building, the Igloo. I'm in fact a bit miffed that I was so late in gaining appreciation for just as it is brought down.

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