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SB Nation United: Introducing Hubs

When you open up Eyes on the Prize in your browser these days, you first see the cover:


Right now we’re using the cover to show you our two most recent stories, along with 3 story streams that link to a bunch of other stories. Soon though, things like the top 25 under 25 won’t be in the cover anymore, and since it’s an older set of stories, it will be shuffled down into what SB Nation calls the river. The river is all the articles we’ve written and fanposts we’ve featured displayed in reverse chronological order, just like the old site. Older posts however, might not be as easy to find, but this is where sections and hubs come in handy.

Of you hover over the sections tab at the bottom of the cover, and click on “All Sections” you can see how articles have been sorted based on how they’re tagged.

The difference between hubs and sections is that hubs have covers and are managed by the editors, whereas sections are just archives of all relevant articles. As of right now, we have 4 active Hubs for EOTP users to browse through, but we may add more in the future.

Since the frequency of new stories on the lockout and Bulldogs are increasing, the top 25 under 25 will soon no longer be in the cover. However if you want to find those stories, just head over to the Prospects Hub, which looks like this:


If you want to read the Habs season reviews, head on over to the Habs Player Profiles Hub, which looks like this:


If you want to be constantly up to date with the latest news concerning the NHL and the Montreal Canadiens, check out our Latest News Hub, which looks like this:


And finally, if you’ve got time to kill and want to watch videos, check out our Videos Hub that we’re looking at expanding in a big way this season, which looks like this:


We may add more hubs in the future, and if we do we’ll make you aware of them as we’re still working hard to archive years and years of content on EOTP.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about SB Nation United’s new format, feel free to leave them in the comments section here or email to have them addressed.

For more connectivity to EOTP, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook for access to exclusive contests and updates on everything Habs.

We’re continually striving to give you all the best experience possible when reading about your favourite hockey team, so any and all suggestions are welcome. Thank you all for sticking with us during this transition phase.

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