SB Nation Reacts: Not much expected from Montreal this post-season

It’s probably not much of a shock that the 24th seed isn’t up to par with the elite clubs.

A couple of weeks ago, our poll revealed that confidence in the Montreal Canadiens was on the rise after the lengthy pause, with 75% of respondents saying they were feeling good about the direction of the team.

Well, not much of that was for the current season, and this week’s poll shows just how little confidence there is in the team’s present hopes for a championship.

A mostly dismal performance versus the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday didn’t help to raise any spirits, but the post-season format alone doesn’t do Montreal any favours — as it shouldn’t for a team that wasn’t close to a playoff berth when the season came to an end.

Montreal would need to win three games just to get into the official 16-team playoffs, and if they were to do that a reseeding procedure would match them up against the top seed surviving, ensuring the most difficult series possible throughout the entirety of the playoffs. So even if the team did have a competitive roster, the odds would be quite low for them being the team to hoist the Stanley Cup. Given the current state of the club, seven percent may be fitting. It’s actually higher than the 1-in-24 odds they’re facing heading into Saturday’s opener.

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