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SB Nation Reacts

SB Nation Reacts: Not much expected from Montreal this post-season

It’s probably not much of a shock that the 24th seed isn’t up to par with the elite clubs.

SB Nation Reacts: Canadiens fans more confident in team’s direction

There was quite a bit of unhappiness with the organization when the pandemic struck, but the mood is greatly improved four months later.

SB Nation Reacts: Canadiens’ goal song into final four

Every team’s goal song entered the bracket, now just four of them are left standing.

FanPulse Results: What an NHL season restart is expected to look like

With hockey on hold, this is how hockey fans believe things will unfold when it comes back.

FanPulse Results: Confidence slipping in the direction of the Canadiens

After a more positive opinion of the team ahead of the trade deadline, fans are less enthused now that it has passed.

FanPulse Results: Marc Bergevin should be a seller at the deadline

Four of every five Habs fans expect some veterans to be on their way out.

FanPulse Results: A majority of Habs fans are confident in the direction of the team

Despite the club’s struggles in recent years, many still have faith in the future, though a significant percentage are fed up.

FanPulse Results: Little faith in Montreal to turn things around this season

Most see Carey Price and the Canadiens sitting this post-season out.

FanPulse Results: Hockey fans showing some faith in Canadiens’ playoff chances

The votes are in, and Montreal is one of the top choices to have a bounce-back year.

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