Saturday Morning Warmup - Ryan Miller vs Carey Price

Back-to-back afternoon games means a lot of work in a short amount of time. All this for a back-to-back against Buffalo and Ottawa too... Blegh.

Carey Price and Ryan Miller are two of the premier technical goalies in the NHL today. The Sabres usually give us the most boring show on earth, but I'm guessing a game like today is one that Chris Boyle really looks forward to.

His analysis on this one is going to be really interesting, especially if it's a rare good game against Buffalo.

Instincts tell us that it'll be a goalie duel, but the Sabres have been explosive offensively this year. Thomas Vanek has been killing it and is coming off of a 5 point game.

So with the Sabres' crazy offense, who dominates? Miller or Price?

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