Saturday Morning Warmup - No Saturday night game?

Today is the only Saturday in the entire NHL season where the Canadiens won't play. What are we going to do? How about discuss the season so far.

The Montreal Canadiens have had a pretty light schedule thus far in the 2013 season, they'll have played just 4 games in 8 days after after they face the New Jersey Devils tomorrow.

That doesn't change the fact that they've been pretty impressive, but it's about to get a lot more difficult for them.

The Habs close out January with 3 games in 4 days, the final game being against the division leading and surprisingly undefeated Ottawa Senators.

The Canadiens may be getting reinforcements shorty though. Yesterday P.K. Subban and Don Meehan met with Marc Bergevin in Montreal. Media reports have Subban taking the weekend to mull over the options on the table, with a meeting scheduled for Monday between the same group.

My thoughts on it? P.K. Subban will sign on Monday. I don't know what kind of contract it'll be, but I'm guessing that the Habs are holding firm on 2 years. You can feel free to hold me to it if I'm wrong, but I bet P.K. Subban plays against the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday.

Speaking of the Jets game, I'll be at that game so you'll have to enjoy the game without me. One of our other contributors will handle the threads coming out. I'll be writing two recaps for the Jets game, the normal one and From The Rink.

Anyway that's neither here nor there.

The Canadiens are 2-1-0 in 3 games, what record do you think they carry out of January? This shortened month could be vital to making the playoffs down the road.

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