Report: Habs prospect Martin Reway back to training

The skilled forward is taking an important step in his recovery, according to Zdeno Ciger.

With the Slovak national team starting the preparations for the World Championship, Slovak newspaper Sport managed to speak to National team coach Zdeno Ciger.

While the national team has problems at the centre position, because of Kulun RedStars Tomas Marcinko’s knee problems that will require surgery, Ciger let it be known that Montreal Canadien prospect Martin Reway has returned to training and is making improvements.

This is obviously great news for Reway, following a health issue revolving around heart problems. It is still early in the recovery process, but getting back on the ice is a big deal for forward.

Martin Réway speaks about his illness during visit with Slovak national team

Reway signed with the Montreal Canadiens last summer, and shortly thereafter was taken to hospital for cardiac problems. The road to recovery is a long and tedious one, and we wish Martin Reway nothing but success throughout his journey.

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