Report: Habs, Andrew Shaw close to six-year contract

Marc Antoine Godin says an offer is on the table

The rumours of a new contract started almost immediately after the Canadiens acquired Andrew Shaw from the Chicago Blackhawks, and it appears that they are closing in on a new contract with the restricted free agent.

Marc Antoine Godin of La Presse reported this morning that there is an offer on the table of six years at close to four million per year.

Now, a lot of people have been either for or against Shaw and the contract he will be getting. In truth, it’s not bad or great - it’s perfectly fine. You don’t see that many years given to players who are not part of a team’s top players but Shaw is only 24 so a six year contract only brings him to age 30.

Then, a six year deal buys out some UFA years which means the savings on this contract could come near the end of it as opposed to immediately, especially if the cap goes up.

And finally, as long as there is no no-movement or no-trade clause, Shaw’s contract will remain very moveable. It would not be an anchor, nor would it be outstanding value. It would be fair market and I would much rather give this money to Shaw then overpay for, say, Dale Weise.

In the end there have been rumours of $3.2 million to $4.5 million. This report is close to the middle which is perfectly fine. If Marc Bergevin is trading term for AAV, it’s a fair trade especially given Shaw’s age as long as there are no clauses added to the end of it.

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