Recap Roundup

If you're like me, you can never read enough about the Montreal Canadiens. I always like to read perspectives from all sorts of Habs fans after games to see how others reacted to what I saw and how we might differ. Here's the best post game analysis around from a variety of sources:

You can't start anywhere else other than Mike Boone's About Last Night.

Olivier Bouchard brings us the scoring chances breakdown after every game. If you really want to know how the Habs played, read Olivier.

Our friends at Lions in Winter choose their dome hockey team after every game.

Mitch Melnick of TSN Radio 990 has started writing down the good, the bad and the ugly after each game.

Chris Boucher breaks down each individual Canadien in every game situation. If you want insight into how Jacques Martin deploys his players, there's no better place than Boucher Scouting.

And of course, always re-watch the highlights. You never know what you might see a second time around:

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