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Ice Level: Look before you leap

Stuck in Andrew's basement once again, the podcast goes from bad cops, to Habs legends, to how Captain Kirk will help the current team.

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Denis Brodeur

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Guy Lafleur held court with a swarm of media this week, firing off a series of hot takes; like Joe Thornton and Brent Burns' beards being a disgrace to the game, and P.K. Subban needing to get smacked with a stick. Naturally, people flipped out about the comments, but how serious was Lafleur at the time?

Last week on Ice Level Conor and Andrew agreed that there was no way the Montreal Canadiens would hire Kirk Muller because it was too smart. An hour later, the Habs hired him. So what does this mean going forward?

Subban is always the centre of attention in Montreal, dominating both on the ice and media coverage off of it, but should it be that way?