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Ice Level: Foxhole buddies sticking around?

According to a report by TSN's Darren Dreger, Marc Bergevin is committed to keeping Michel Therrien on next season, we discuss that and more with special guest Elias Toufexis!

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A report from TSN dropped the bomb on Thursday that the Montreal Canadiens will be bringing Michel Therrien back next season, which means I might owe Conor a steak dinner sooner than later. Nothing is official yet, but it seems that panic has overtaken the city of Montreal that this could actually be true. We'll discuss it.

There's still one game left in this dismal season, but next week we're going to be focused on the playoffs, so this week we'll recap the season, look at what went so well early, and so bad later, and what the team could look like next season.

After we're done tearing the Habs to shreds, we'll each pick a team that's actually going into the playoffs to root for, and then take questions from listeners.