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Ice Level: Enough with offsides

The NHL seems to have an epidemic on their hands, an epidemic of retroactive offside calls killing goals. Can't have playoffs without the NHL ruining their own product.

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It seems like there's been no game during the playoffs this season where there hasn't been a coach's challenge for offside calls preceding goals, and that wouldn't be so bad if they weren't effective most of the time. Goals are constantly being called back over fractions of an inch as players and puck cross the blueline, so we ask what's more important: Getting it right, or the product?

With game ending brawls breaking out a few times already in the playoffs, you have to wonder if there's something the game could do to avoid it. Part of the reason playoffs are great is the hate generated in a seven game series, but where exactly is the line between intense rivalry and embarrassing mayhem? Does the NHL itself know?

There are some great smaller storylines to cover as well, like Pavel Datsyuk possibly playing his final game at the Joe, the Flyers getting embarrassed on and off the ice, and the San Jose Sharks shocking everyone. We'll get to those and your questions.