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Ice Level: The Big Playoff Preview

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The Canadiens did what everyone expected them to do and disappointed their fanbase with perplexing inaction, but the good news is the playoffs start soon, and it's time for us to make predictions.

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The Montreal Canadiens have completed their end of season public relations spin day, and as it turns out, the guy at fault was the part time coach who only worked one weekend every month! Craig Ramsay has been let go, but every other member of the NHL and AHL coaching staff is back next year. What can we make of this?

The playoffs are about to begin tomorrow, so we're going to go through every single series and debate who will win, and which match ups look most entertaining as viewers. Luckily for Habs fans, there's not much to stress out about in the playoffs. Silver linings, right?

After that, we'll take some questions from listeners.