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Ice Level: NHL email leak is embarrassing

Just when you think the NHL's battle with former players over concussions couldn't get worse, internal emails are released that make them all look horrible.

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On Tuesday a huge flood of internal NHL emails were leaked, you can sort through them yourself here, but we've got some of the best bits for you today on the podcast. The discussions league executives have had on concussions and how to deal with them are almost frightening, with Brendan Shanahan looking like the only voice of reason. Too bad he's no longer with the league, instead running the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Sometimes players decide to do something really petty, and it's hilarious. Patrick Maroon was playing his first game against the Anaheim Ducks, his former team, as a member of the Edmonton Oilers, and he decided to wreck their post-win tradition. He could barely keep from cracking up after the game when he was asked about it. Are you for or against this type of thing?

The Canadiens have signed NCAA UFA Charlie Lindgren, which has pushed out Ben Scrivens and put him on waivers. Add to that, Carey Price has accompanied the Habs on their current road trip, meaning he could play soon. What does this all mean for the Habs' future in goal?