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Ice Level: Time to shut Carey Price down?

Despondency has set in for the Montreal Canadiens, as the team doesn't even seem to be able to think of a possible answer to this slump. But we're still here to break it down.

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After RDS showed video of Carey Price in practice Wednesday morning, before the recording of which he had clearly broken his stick, the air seemed to go out of even the most positive of Montreal Canadiens fans. Another loss followed that night, and with Price seemingly nowhere near returning, has the time come to shut him down completely?

Going in a different direction, does Price's injury excuse the turn this season has taken? Is there anything Bergevin can do to earn back the trust of fans who seem to have lost it? What about Therrien? Can anything salvage this season?

Finally, we're going to answer some questions from the listeners today, you've sent us some good ones.