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Ice Level: Trade Deadline looming

Another week of uninspiring play from the Montreal Canadiens has seen the coach finally admit that it's time to play the kids, which means the trade deadline could be busy for the Habs.

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Last week the day we recorded the podcast, we met up with listeners of the show at Fitzroy Bar in the Plateau area of Montreal to watch the Canadiens take on the Avalanche, and what followed was perhaps the most controversial post-game presser Michel Therrien has done in his current tenure as Habs coach. Throwing P.K. Subban under the bus was ill-conceived to say the least, but did it seal the coach's fate?

Therrien finally admitted on Tuesday that the rest of the season would be for looking at the kids, essentially confirming that the Habs are not trying to make the playoffs anymore. Should the Habs call up kids? Or is this too sour an environment to risk it?

The trade deadline is fast approaching, and rumours are swirling around who could be traded away from the Canadiens. Who is most likely to go? Who should go?