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Ice Level: Does Ben Scrivens give the Canadiens hope?

Last week we were at rock bottom right there with the Habs, but after three straight wins behind stellar goaltending from Ben Scrivens, is the season not yet over?

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For two months the Montreal Canadiens have been searching for some solid goaltending performances. They got a few from Mike Condon, but often they would still get just enough to almost win. The last three games that Ben Scrivens has played though, the team was finally given a chance to win, and they took it. Does the three game winning streak, including wins against two of the NHL's four hottest teams, change the outlook fans have for the season? Can Scrivens keep up this level of performance? We've got your answers.

The Toronto Maple Leafs traded their captain, shockingly to perhaps their chief rival in the Ottawa Senators. Dion Phaneuf's contract is off the books, but who won the trade? Is there a winner?

Finally, we're planning a bit of a party next week, you see Ice Level turns one on February 17th. We're going to pick a place on this week's podcast, so if you want to hang out with us on the 17th in Montreal, listen in!

UPDATE!! [Facebook RSVP]

Next week on the 17th of February, Ice Level will be recording a podcast, then heading to Fitzroy bar at 551 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est for 7:30pm. We'll be there for the game against the Colorado Avalanche, eating some food and having some drinks. Come join us for some fun!