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Ice Level: What could the Canadiens give up for Jonathan Drouin?

The podcast is finally back after a long holiday break, and we're all itching to dissect the struggling Canadiens, and the possibility of a trade for a star player.

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Late Wednesday night, Brian Wilde broke the news that the Montreal Canadiens are aggressively pursuing Jonathan Drouin, but the question now is what the Canadiens are willing to give up for a player that could be a future superstar? Fans are freaking out at the possibility of a Francophone star on the Canadiens, the first of which since Vincent Damphousse in the 1990's.

In other news for the Habs, they've continued to look not so good, disregarding the Winter Classic, even after busting their losing streak against the Tampa Bay Lightning. They've started a streak of going .500 instead of losing every game, but there just doesn't seem to be much fire there. Should management be worried?

Speaking of the Winter Classic, Robyn Flynn was there in person, taking in the Canadiennes game, the alumni game, and the Habs game. What did she think?

Finally, John Scott is going to the All Star Game, is this good or funny?