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Ice Level: Who is accountable for this mess?

The epic collapse continues for the Canadiens, and it's tough to find a way out.

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Now 5-18-1 since December 2nd, it's hard to believe this Montreal Canadiens team was setting positive franchise records at one point this season. During the worst collapse in the 107 year history of the team, the constant insistence is that everything will work itself out and nothing needs to be done. Can this possibly be true at this point?

Speaking of epic collapses, we figured it was time to bring in an expert on them, so we'll be talking to Toronto Maple Leafs fan Steve "Dangle" Glynn about how to mentally deal with your team letting you down in every possible way.

Finally, if this is the direction the Habs are going, should fans embrace the tank like 2012 and hope for a high draft pick?