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Ice Level: Change must come

The Canadiens are suffering perhaps the worst collapse in the history of the franchise, and everyone seems powerless to help. Something needs to happen, but what?

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The Montreal Canadiens have gone from first in the entire NHL to 15th in just over six weeks. Teams placed 16th to 20th are just one point behind them, teams placed 21st to 23rd are two points behind, and almost all of those teams have games in hand. The last 21 games have been an unmitigated disaster, yet the organization seems unwilling to change. Are there any solutions here?

While many have focused in on the coach as the primary person to blame for this implosion, the lack of moves, and lack of appearances by Marc Bergevin have combined to cast an ugly light on the general manager as well. No one is blameless for this stretch, but ultimately it's Bergevin who must make the tough decisions. Is he willing to?

The most important question from all of this is what it means for the future of the team. If this core can't recover this season, how much confidence is there left in this group?