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Ice Level: Should we be worried about Galchenyuk?

Craziness continues to surround the Canadiens as Alex Galchenyuk's girlfriend was arrested on Sunday. Ice Level debates what's going on, and what needs to happen.

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We have a special guest today for the Ice Level Podcast, as Arik Parnass joins us to talk about the debut of his new site, and sticks with us for the whole show.

On Sunday morning Alex Galchenyuk was involved in an altercation with his girlfriend that ended up with his girlfriend being arrested. The assumption is that he had a party at his place on Saturday that went well into the morning, when the incident took place. Today Galchenyuk apologized for the distraction, but should he have? Should the Montreal Canadiens be worried about him?

Also, Carey Price has skated three days in a row now, working on exercises to get his 'lower body injury' rehabbed for a comeback after the All Star break. By that point, will the Canadiens have recovered enough for Price to help save the season from impending disaster?